Virtual Reality BIM Laboratory for the Architecture, Engineering and Engineering and Construction Industry

One of the objectives of our research group is to conceptualize and implement novel approaches to education that leverage the latest technological advancements. VR BIM A+ project endeavors to integrate Virtual Reality (VR) experiences into the curriculum, with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the learning process, while simultaneously evaluating the benefits and limitations of such technology-driven instructional methods. 

It is our belief that the implementation of this technology cultivates a critical and forward-thinking perspective for the future, where the development strategies for the built environment will undergo comprehensive examination and simulation of their ecological impact. Furthermore, the creation of the necessary technological infrastructure also paves the way for the establishment of new domains for research and dissertations within the schools involved.

The objective of this project was to comprehend the capabilities and limitations of using VR in educational support. The project successfully procured and utilized the two VR equipment as intended. Based on the interviews conducted with students from the MIEC and BIM A+ Master programs, it was revealed that despite some interface difficulties, VR enhances the comprehension of the instructional content and construction processes. Additionally, the implementation of VR resulted in a heightened level of student motivation, due to the use of modern instructional methods. The team’s expertise and familiarity with this technology provides a foundation for swift implementation of future initiatives.

It is noteworthy that the project has established a leading position for UMinho in this emerging field, which is still in its infancy at both a national and international level. This project has also provided opportunities to further promote and facilitate research related to VR in the construction industry at UMinho

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