Cognitive CMMS

Cognitive Computerized Maintenance Management System

Applying information and communication technologies has become an enabler of opportunities in the maintenance industry, increasing communication and coordination between the various interlocutors and facilitating access to pertinent information. The Cognitive CMMS (Cognitive Computerized Maintenance Management System) aims to increase the maintenance industry competitiveness by developing an effective, adaptable platform that creates value for small industries through efficient maintenance. The consortium intends to provide a solution to support BIM-based maintenance management (BIM 6D), allowing an integrated view of the management of faults or anomalies that will optimise resources and maintenance operations in the context of predictive maintenance. Moreover, it is intended to provide the user with tools to assist in maintenance actions based on emerging technologies such as augmented reality to increase the platform’s cognitive capacities, with intuitive access to all relevant information Maintenance processes. It is a goal to adopt a user-centred design for Web and Mobile platforms so the tool will be equally versatile and easy to use by any potential user.

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