Mohamad's Ph.D.

Towards country-wide implementation of BIM object rules and automation of BIM object compliance checking

Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects are at the heart of the transition of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry toward digitalization. BIM object creators are expected to comply with BIM object standards, taking into account compliance to Construction Product Regulations, standardization and interoperability requirements. This heavy task is limiting the widespread worldwide adoption of BIM processes.

The PhD of Mohamad El Sibaii tackles this issue from three directions:

(i) Applying a systemized science-based approach for clarifying the data needs of BIM objects for stakeholders based on the Level of Information Need. In this task the standardisation of construction product data through the use of Product Data Templates is considered a crucial preliminary requirement, especially with the emergence of PDT-related standards like EN ISO 23386 and EN ISO 23387.

The efforts made in the context of PDT creation gave birth to the open platform PDTs.pt for viewing and reviwing PDTs for the Portuguese industry. The platform database structure is based on the EN ISO 23386 and EN ISO 23387 (link on the right).

(ii) creating a tool for the automation of the process of verifying if BIM objects are compliant to the latest standards and regulations and include the necessary data as per a defined Level of Information Need.

(iii) Setting the database grounds for BIM object repositories for industrial implementation.

The Phd of Mohamad involves contributions from two projects: SECClasS and Rev@Construction, and the CT197 committee.

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