The project intends to make a multi-national and multi-stakeholder effort towards the creation of an integrated framework for circularity of raw materials of construction, leveraged on the wealth of information that is brought about by ‘Building Information Modelling’. The framework comprises the development of a new methodology of survey of constructions to-be-demolished, the establishment of adequate BIM modelling rules (and information requirements) that allow the BIM model to host all the relevant information for the full deconstruction analysis, the creation of an IFC-based tool for multi-criteria optimisation of deconstruction strategies and materials, a strategic and optimised use of recycled demolition waste in 3D printed concrete for local digital construction practice, and, finally, the development of a specific set of tools for Municipalities, regarding all the framework’s aspects, to use in their process of issuing both deconstruction and new building permits based on BIM models (openBIM through IFC), as to manage better focus in municipal approvals based on traceable data, and at the same time, keeping accurate records of material circularity at a local level.

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