The SUBLime (SUstainable Building Lime applications via Circular Economy and Biomimetic Approaches) network is firstly dedicated to educate/train researchers in multiple scientific and engineering fields aiming a better understanding and development of sustainable innovation solutions for lime mortars/plasters in new construction and conservation of the built heritage.

The project covers the main features of lime-based applications in the masonry construction (both joints and plastering mortars), including material characterization, numerical non-linear modelling of multi-physics behaviour, functionality and sustainability in lime use, all within a framework of performance-based design. Innovations are focused in both added functionalities and sustainability aspects in lime mortars and plasters, strongly based on novel biomimetic and closed-loop recycling approaches. SUBLime introduces and develops new sustainable solutions with added functionalities such as self-cleaning, (super-) hydrophobicity, self-healing or enhanced (catalysed) CO2 capture capabilities, and considers closed-loop recycling. As an example, at the end of life (EoL) of a building, unlike cement, lime has compatible strength to allow the masonry to be separated and fully recycled.

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