Mara Monaliza Linhares Pereira

Mara’s PhD Numerical and experimental analysis of the thermo-mechanical behavior of expanding agents in cementitious materials Cement-based materials develop some problems, such as the risk of shrinkage cracks, which, if they happen, affect the useful life of the structure and compromise structural performance. Several materials to mitigate shrinkages, such as shrinkage-reducing additives (SRA) or expanding agents […]

Mohamad El Sibaii

Mohamad’s Ph.D. Towards country-wide implementation of BIM object rules and automation of BIM object compliance checking Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects are at the heart of the transition of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry toward digitalization. BIM object creators are expected to comply with BIM object standards, taking into account compliance to Construction Product […]

Andressa Silva de Oliveira

Andressa’s PhD Full Digital Twin: integration of open BIM IFC and facility management database The Industry 4.0 revolution has grown the necessity of the Facility Management (FM) discipline to deal with live data. Therefore, the Digital Twin (DT) concept and its inherent characteristic of real-time asset representation can significantly support the FM sector and its […]

Renan Rocha Ribeiro

Renan’s PhD Vibration-based experimental technique for assessment of viscoelastic properties of cement-based materials The viscoelastic properties of cement-based materials are crucial for various applications, such as deformation serviceability assessment, crack width prediction, and stress state evaluation during service. However, characterizing these properties is challenging and expensive since it requires determining their time-dependent behavior from early […]

Maria Laura Leonardi

Maria Laura’s Ph.D. Rehabilitation of masonry aggregates of historic centers with application to structural safety: from consistent information management in BIM up to advanced supercomputing calculations The conservation actions for historical small centers are the focus of much debate since their cultural, social, and economic values have been widely recognized as a key asset. A […]